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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
well most of the time i agree with matt, but i still believe it is not the champs job to make it exciting

you have to beat the champ, the champ don't have to beat the challenger

the champ has nothing to prove, he just has to not be beat

sad but true

seems to me the challengers are the ones lacking hunger, heart and agression

say what you will chael took it to silva, and that is what a challenger is supposed to do

having said that, i so wish someone would please beat georges, and i wish even more it was matt

but as much as i can't stand bj, i would love to see him fight georges, because he is about the only one other than matt that i can think of that can out maneveur georges right now, unless randy wants to drop to welterweight

bj is hungry enough he would be semi agressive and he is experienced and naturally talented enough he might do it

who else is there?? fitch? seriously? shields? jake has a ground game, but not nearly like strikeforces hype machine has built it up to be, jake just manages to pull something out of his keister when he needs it, but pretty soon his supply of wins is gonna run out and when he needs one he ain't gonna have it.

who else? i look through the roster and there are only two names that even remotely stand out--- brian foster and rumble johnson, i can't stand rumble but if someone managed to contain the kid with a good plan he might do it, but he is still young, as is brian, and no doubt matt and fiore would help brian with a good plan, i don't think brian is quite agressive enough or experienced enough

oh and there is amir, i don't know what to say about amir, but he can win and you just can't count him out, but again, he ain't got the gusto to go out there and win

fact of the matter is, when playing king of the hill, or king of the mountain, or whatever you want to call it, the guy at the top of the hill only has to keep the peak, it's everyone else's job to knock him off, however disadvantaged they may be, it ain't his job to come down from the peak and fight it out, however entertaining that may be

everything matt said is true gsp is defending his title and raking in the moola

i think gsp would admit to it i think gsp would have loved to finish the fight , and i really think he would have fought different if he wasn't the champ, but he ain't gonna take any unnecessary risks

best case scenario..... shields gets hurt and matt is ready to fight on short notice

it'd be a heckuva fight.... the propaganda would be "gsp is poised to break the record of title defenses, the only thing standing in the way? the current record holder"

it'd be sweet, and super cool, poetic even
Great post
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