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Default Happy Epiphanytide!

Today marks the Start of Epiphanytide (which is still part of the feast of Christmas) The Eastern Orthodox Churches actually celebrate Christmas and the Birth of Christ today and tommorow...I suppose it doesnt matter WHEN you remember the incarnation, just that you DO remember it.

Traditionally though this is where the Secular world gives up on Christmas, for this is the Twelfth Day and all the decorations must go, and the Christmas Tree...and the sales have begun and Easter Eggs are being stacked in great number already behind the scenes (our first arrived, bang on time Christmas Eve)

But as Christians this is just the start of the Liturgical Year and the build up to the Greatest Feast of them all. Just because the excitement and the blah of Christmas and New Year are over...do not think it is a time to be sad for the cold and dark months of thick winter that still lie ahead. Rather, this is a time to reflect on the Childhood, and Ministry of Christ. To remember his dedication in the Temple at Candlemass, and the month of the Christingle where we remember the foundations of our Faith.

In some Anglican Churches they will do an Epiphanytide procession...this is special because it begins INSIDE the church and ends OUTSIDE...this is symbolic of Christ now having entered not just the Church but the whole World in basis Urbi Et Orbi....to the City and To The World. The start of the Great Commission...not Christs Disciples telling the world, but Christ Himself proclaiming the truth as The Father asked him to do, and as he would eventually charge others to do also.
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