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Old 08-21-2010, 05:16 AM
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Default Old Settlers Parade 2010

This week was the annual Old Settlers celebration in Hillsboro. It's 2 days of carnival rides, carnival food, and parades topped off with one big parade on the last night, which just happened to be last night. Matt pulled the Orpheum Theater float this year (Mark's pulled it the last couple of years), so here are some pics from the parade:

Matt pulling the Orpheum float:

Everything seems to be going smoothly...

Until Mark starts pelting Matt with candy as he passes by:

Next, Mark starts up a small candy war with the Eisentrauts, the owners of the Orpheum Theater:

I think Mark was just mad that he got stuck with the pink hardhat:

Actually, it was Lola's hat, but she put in on Mark and he left it on just long enough for me to get these photos. It was nice knowing you all.

Lola really did enjoy the parade, despite her glaring at me in this photo:
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