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Old 08-12-2010, 08:46 PM
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Default Subtitles for James Toney

I decided to test the video, there were a few words spoken by Toney that I didn't understand.

UFC 118 video: Subtitles for James Toney? Really?

By Steve Cofield

For everyone who's worried about licensing Ken Shamrock or Evander Holyfield, maybe we need to consider holding off on approving James Toney. It's alarming to see the UFC using subtitles for the American-born, English-speaking Toney. He's 41 years old!

Toney has been fighting professionally since 1988 with 83 total fights but he's considered one of the best defensive fighters of the last 25 years. A lot of his ability to avoid the big punch was defense through offense. Toney is the only fighter since 1990, who was in four different title fights where he landed 400-plus punches. How many shots has he taken?

Is his speech really that bad or did someone need to simply tell him, "James speak clearly! Enunciate a bit more!"

Toney probably doesn't give damn about the subtitles but they do seem a bit unusual.
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