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Default HUGHES SCORE A+ is Slurrdogs 117 report card

Still waiting for Jake "blah blah" Rossen to admit he was wrong about Hughes.
Mike Fridley however is professinal who knows when to admit when he's wrong.
Anderson Silva: BOnly a jaw-dropping final-round rally saved the champion from scoring a failing grade and allowed him to retain his coveted title. Silva was pummeled for four plus rounds before silencing the motor-mouthed Sonnen with a painful dose of humility. Also, props to referee Josh Rosenthal for making the correct call on Sonnenís tap. That situation could have gotten ugly.

Chael Sonnen: CSonnen was about to do what no fighter had done in the UFC: defeat Anderson Silva. And letís not get it twisted, Sonnen was outclassing the champion by an alarming range before he fell victim to an unlikely submission in what was easily one of the most dramatic come-from-behind victories ever. Sound familiar? Sonnen has been here before with the likes of Paulo Filho and others. Whatís done is done, and itís now time for Sonnen to eat crow over the verbal venom heís spewed for months in leadup to the fight and fix the massive hole in his game that prevented him from being a champion tonight in Oakland.

Jon Fitch: B
A self professed ďfourth-round finisher,Ē Fitch stayed true to this characterization at UFC 117 by notching his eighth consecutive decision victory. His best defense to criticism? Fitch is a top-10 pound-for-pound talent that fights in the sportís deepest division. A rematch with Georges St. Pierre or a title fight against teammate Josh Koscheck awaits on the horizon.

Thiago Alves: F
Alves failed to make weight (again) for UFC 117, and then got relegated to clean-up duty as Fitch used him to mop the Octagon canvas. Itís time for Alves to move to middleweight, where he can hopefully be trusted to fulfill his obligation to hit a contracted weight.