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JA Yount
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Default Rodney Wallace - Not worried about Davis' wrestling, wants Silva to Lose


UFC light heavyweight Rodney Wallace is not concerned about Phil Davis' pedigree or hype. When his original opponent Stanislav Nedkov had to withdraw, with just two weeks to go until the fight, Wallace asked specifically for Davis. Although he is currently 0-2 with the organization, 9-2 overall, Wallace may be thinking about the future with the request.

If he loses again, he would likely be out of the UFC. Even if he were to win in a fight over Nedkov, anything short of an impressive victory, and he could have been on the outside looking in. What better way to make a statement to the UFC than to follow up his "Fight of the Night" winning loss to Jared Hamman than to take one of UFC's brightest prospects out at this weekend's "UFC 117: Silva vs Sonnen"?

The North Carolina native, although a heavy underdog in the bout, believes he has the skills and ability to make an impact with UFC fans, and turn around what has been a disappointing start to his UFC career. Nicknamed "Sho-Nuff The Master," Wallace sat down with MMA Spot's Andrew Yount to discuss his opponent, fighter marketability, and why Wallace wants to see Anderson Silva lose his title this weekend.

MMA Spot: How are you feeling coming into this fight? Any health issues during camp?

Wallace: I feel good coming into it. No health issues or anything. Everything is in order, everything is intact. Good as usual.

Spot: You have been saddled with a stiff challenge, drawing Phil Davis as a short notice replacement. Were you able to get much specific training in?
RW: A little bit. Heís a little bit less aggressive than the other guy would be, so Iíll have to be a little more patient. He wonít be coming forward as much as Nedkov would be. Just little tendencies that he has. Heís pretty much the same type of fighter, itís just the little tendencies I have to watch for.

Spot: How did the conversation with the UFC go when they informed you of the change?
RW: [Joe Silva] basically just called my manager and said we need to make a change. They offered Stephan Bonnar a chance, but he declined. I told him was interested