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Old 08-04-2010, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by pistol-pete View Post
Chael isn't getting the negative attention that he is seeking, so he keeps turnng it up a notch and each time he does he sounds more and more ignorant. Chael isn't a mainstreamed fighter in the UFC, and the UFC is not quite on the level of the MLB, NFL, or the NBA so his little blips and moron statements above that would get fellas like Terrell Owens, Ocho Cinco, Ozzie Guillen, and Lebron James raked over the coals of political correctness don't even register past the MMA culture, and thank god for that because Chael can keep making an ass of himself, but at least he isn't making an ass of the sport.

Chael is hoping like heck that he can get on ESPN's bottom line with quotes like this.

His 15 minutes need to come to an end along with his bully like tactics and 12 year old mouth. I wonder why guys like Couture, Leben, and Quarry decided to leave Team Quest with guys with Sonnen and Matt Lindland around.
I agree with you 100%....

BUT be nice to Ozzie Guillen...that's my guy
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