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Old 07-08-2010, 03:38 AM
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Default One Month Away

Forumites, I just took a look down at my pc calendar and realized we are one month away from our favorite mixed martial artist to do battle! I believe this fight will be a bit tougher than the past 2. I really don't see Almeida as a push over. But, grappling is his strength. And we all know how he faired competing against Matt in a pure grappling competition. I'm calling our Mr. Hughes via gnp tko in round 1. Then, that puts our 9x ww champion at 3 wins in a row. I'm saying after this W goes in the books, it's time for Matt to take on GSP or Josh Koscheck and bring that welterweight title back to the midwest where it belongs. I really can't figure why it would take more than 3 victories to put the most dominant welterweight of all time in a title fight. If GSP beats Kos, I know a lot of people will say they don't want to see a 4th Hughs vs GSP fight and that may influence the brass at the UFC. But if Kos beats Georges (doubtful, but ya never know), then Matt should get either the first crack at the champ, or fight the winner of Fitch/Alves and that winner get frist crack Kos. Not that Matt has to pove anything to get a title shot, just for rankings sake. Thoughts?


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