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Old 02-24-2009, 06:33 PM
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Default can anyone help me?

Religion is something i struggle to understand at the best of times,,
you see i grew up with my parents taking me to church and at the beginning i was happy to go but some things started to happen that ended up driving me away,,
first off when i was around 6 or 7 years old the church had outings for the children every now and then and 1 time it was a bonfire at a farm just out side of town and i was there along with a few of the friends i made from sunday school,,while we were sitting around the fire roasting marsh mellows the man that owned the place asked one of the girls if she could help him with something she said sure and off they went,a while later she came running back and sat down,she was shaking and seemed very scared and although we asked her a number of times what was wrong she never did tell us,from that point on though she would never let anyone be singled out
from our group at a field trip ever again,,she insisted we stay together no matter what,,and we did,,

sunday school was never the same after that and it wasn't very long untill she quit coming,,i think about that once in a while and it makes me very sad,,

i could tell you a couple more stories about things that have been done by so called religious people in my past,but maybe some other time,

other then weddings i have never really been back to church since i was 10 or so but i do believe in god,,just in my own way i suppose,,i have read the bible front to back twice over the years and although that may not be very many times for most of you it is enough for me i think,,

I do not pray to god very often but i do have 3 instances where i have prayed for something specific and my prayers were heard,,with out going into detail you will have to trust me when i say all three were miracles to me,,

so here is my problem,i have been told by a few people over the years unless i worship god in church that i never will be welcomed by god,is this really true?
i sure hope not because although i have tried in the past, ever since i was young i find a few people that claim to be religious to be pretentious and maybe even a little evil and that is what keeps me from going to church,,

So could someone tell me if God draws a line in the sand and if so where?

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