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Old 06-17-2010, 08:35 PM
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Default What's On Your Desk?

There really is no point to this other than I'm bored and want a break from work. So what's on your desk? Tell if it's work or home desk.

I have so much I'm going to just name a few until I see how many other name.

burner controller
spray paint
(2) 2-way radios w/o batteries & 1 mic
thank you note from a vendor
cell phone
thermal imager battery (broken)
business cards
way too many post-its
diet mt dew
another broken 2-way
way too many binders/manuals
velvet tuberose hand lotion
thread gauge
2 rolodex

If you're brave enough to put a picture up I'll follow suit.
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Old 06-17-2010, 08:38 PM
Miss Foxy
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My work desk..The PC, picture frames, small fan, Matt Hughes autograph picture, LA Dodger cup, NO Saints goblet, Laker flag, stapler, tape, adding machine, post its, Fiji water, ritz crackers, random notes about clients, oh a cute cheetah mirror...
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Old 06-17-2010, 09:20 PM
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  • Work desk:
    • Folder of bank account numbers
    • 2 bags of trail mix
    • Bottle of Ibuprofen
    • Time sheet
    • Pad of paper
    • Big pad of Post-Its
    • PC/Dual Moniters/Keyboard/Mouse/Fingerprint Scanner
    • Bank upload instructions in case I have a brain fart
    • Phone
    • Smaller note pad
    • Desk top organizer with
      • 3 pens (black, blue, red)
      • Mechanical pencil
      • 5 highlighters (red, blue, green, yellow & orange)
      • Glue stick (so I don't have to lick all these envelopes
      • Paper clips (about a million & a half)
      • Stapler
      • Staple puller
      • Binder clips
      • 5 spare packs of Post-Its (I go through about a pack a week)
    • Tape dispenser
    • Box of rubber bands
    • Heavy duty 3-whole punch
    • Paper trays
      • Instructions (I have a lot of brain farts! )
      • Folders for back-up docs/2nd sig checks/Exceptions/etc.
      • UPS documents
      • Old time sheets
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Old 06-18-2010, 02:14 AM
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report cards.......ready to go home!

THAT'S IT!!!!!! Everything else is packed away for the summer! Woohoo!!!!!

Yeah baby! School's Out For SUMMER!!!!!!!

I might be eating PB&J and bologna sandwiches for the next 2 months because I don't have a paycheck, but at least I will be eating them on the beach!!!!!!
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Old 06-18-2010, 03:09 AM
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two lee presses, bullet heads, a couple pounds of IMR4895 powder, primers, scale and assorted tools.
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Old 06-18-2010, 03:26 AM
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Same thing as my car....


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Old 06-18-2010, 03:44 AM
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i have probably the most un organised desk here , i seriously dont know if this place has the bandwidth to hold that list LOL.
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Old 06-20-2010, 02:56 PM
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Well I have two desks at work...neither of which are "Desks" but they are used as Table Tops.

The first is what we call a "comp" or "roll comp" its a collapsable three sides cage with two levels on wheels, used in a lot of retail to move things from a-b Each level of my comp has two trays

Lower level back tray, contains two boxes of damage bags, little and large. The lower front tray contains loose waste produce that need bagging up and weighing for waste, or bagging up and reducing if not to bad.

The top level back tray includes reduced flowering plants, and the top front tray includes reduction lables for weighable items, rolls of printable reduction lables, some blue roll incase of spillages, a quality guide, and my gun and printer plus batteries for each, and Green waste bags which go inside the trays for things that can be recycled in some way

The other "desk" is called a "flatbed" which is basically a two leveled desk top on wheels. I have two trays, left and right this time on both levels. Top Left is the waste tray with the green bags in it, top right is the tray full of produce that im working on (and a stack of the damage bags) bottom left tray is from reduced printables ready to go out, and bottom right is for loose that has been bagged and is waiting for weighable reduced lables.

At home, my Desk is the computer top with three levels.

The bottom level holds my computer tower and my bottles of water and coke (coz I cant be bothered to get up and go to the kitchen every time I want a drink ahahaha) the second level is like a draw that pulls out and has my keyboard on it.

the top level has my flat screen monitor, my four speakers, my mouse, and then it will also have a box of tissues, my big KJV Bible, my present note book, my camera when its recharging, and possibly a cup if I've had a cuppa tea...and maybe even a plate if I've had something to eat. It also has handcreme a little bottle.

It used to have cotton buds too...but I kept knocking them off the side...so I removed them ahahahahaha
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