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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
Well, it's not really like Gametap, because Gametap is only through your PC, and honestly when I used Gametap it wasn't all that great. This is set to launch on computers, but they are bringing it to TV sets as well.

What makes this more exciting than Gametap is that OnLive apparently has some pretty big financial backers, such as AT&T and Time Warner. Thus, if it becomes a hit when they bring it to TV sets, they already have a big foothold in the industry by being able to easily access customers through their cable/internet providers. That, and if it truly is as high end as they claim, it really opens a realm of possibilities for how games are delivered to us in the future.

It it supposed to launch tomorrow, and the list of games that is on their website as of right now is...

Assassins Creed 2
Dirt 2
Batman: Arkahm Asylum
Dragon Age: Orgins
Just Cause 2
Mass Effect 2
NBA 2k10
Prince of Persia
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Lego Harry Potter

That's a pretty solid list of new games. If they actually run as good as they claim, this could actually be very exciting.
i had a decent experience with gametap but i spent $15 dollars for 3 months and like strategy games (and it has tons of them), but once they changed from their gametap gameconsoleprogram thingy and changed it to the webbrowser i couldnt stand it

signed up for the free 12 months founders thing

prices are gonna be what makes or breaks this, once its live you need a membership fee to play demos and use the service
then buy 3 day 5 day or unlimited access to each game individually, im interested to say the least but if it cost the same for unlimited access as it does to get a disc or steam version id rather have my own copy

i can see where someone without a xbox360, ps3 or gaming comp would get use out of it if they want mass effect 2 for instance and their current comp wont play it, its a cheaper option then buying a xbox or upgrading your comp
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