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Default Matt, your thoughts on Rich vs Chuck?

Hey Matt. I typically wouldn't bug you about asking your thoughts on a fight that your not in or doesn't relate to your ranking or title contendor status. But, from reading your bio and watching your interviews, it appears to me that Chuck and Rich are two of your best friends in the business that arent training partners of yours. What are your thoughts on Chuck Liddell vs Rich Franklin? Who do you see pulling out the win? Are you hoping one guy wins? I think it'd be really hard to see 2 of my buddies fighting even if it was in the UFC. I know you've stated before that you wouldn't fight Rich or any of your close friend in the cage and thats very understandable. Seems like this one will be hard to watch for you. Would love to hear what you have to say on the subject.

On the same topic, I'm very pleased to see that all the build up for this fight is just focusing on the facts that these are 2 of the most dominant fighters in their era in MMA and both guys could contend against anyone at anytime. I love that these guys arent out predicting knock outs against each other or drumming up any bad blood. Pure class acts these 2 are. I can't wait to see this fight even though it'll be hard to watch 2 of my favorites fight. I know these guys wont hold anything bad and I can't wait to see them let the fists fly. Im personally hoping to see a hard fought 3 round draw lol.
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