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Old 06-03-2010, 12:20 AM
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Talking Prince of Persia/Scorpion King/Universal Soldier Regeneration (Andre Arlovski?!)

Okay...so I was a little bit shocked to find that Prince of Persia which I saw tonight, was so increadibly similar to the Scorpion King...that Both films used the same tag line "We make our own destiny" Whats more shocking, is that the low level cast of Prince of Persia, actually does a better job in all areas of Cinematics, except for the Character of Comedic Value...I'm afraid the horse theif really out does the osterich racer LOL. Much though I love Dwayne Johnson, he is to stoic when put in contrast with Jake Gyllenhaal. There is absolutely no cross over on the editing team, which to me then kind of smacks of plagerism, and I shall explain why. In the Scorpion King you have this bunch of misfit children which lurk, run and hide in a fortress complex(which whilst I'm convinced its the same one used in Troy, it is NOT the same one used in Prince of Persia which looks like its teleported a city from Lord of the Rings and plonked it in the middle of a desert.) Young prince of persia is adopted by the King, and taken from one of these kiddy street gangs after a chase scene which looks remarkably similar. Secondly, in the Scorpion King there is a hero, heroine, character of comedic value, and the, dare I say it, token black moralist. All of which appear pretty much in that order in Prince of Persia also. Then there is the concubine scene...you know the one, where the hero is running for his life, breaks through a window and stumbles upon a bunch of the Kings women...The Heroine always dies, but then seemingly, somehow doesnt die, or come back to life, or something. I just felt like the two films were mirrors of each other, and WAY to close not to be written or produced by the same team...I am profoundly suprised they are not.

Where the Scorpion Kings wins in Character of Comedic Value, Music, and the Egyptology, The Prince of Persia involves better acting, Far better script delivery, particularly from the heroine who actually carries the film in my opinion, and a more advanced and exciting plot.

As for Universal Soldier...an outstanding one off film, which was truely ruined by at least two monsterous sequels...Regeneration is still extremely sub par...but bringing in the original actors, who now look grossly aged, has a certain nostalgic purpose. I actually thought that Andre Arlovski, enhanced the film, Although not a huge acting part, you only need to compare his level of...well I supposed you would call it near enough mime, to...was it Goldberg the wrestler in one of the horrendous earlier spin-offs. Perhaps its just the Russian Brogue...I dont know...but for some reason I actually found him an entertaining and enhancing addition to an otherwise completely pointless rehash, with far less attraction, albeit enjoyable film non the less.
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