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Default Robin Hood ****Spoilers

On July 4th 1776, King George of England was sent a document. However outstanding the Americans would have you believe that document is, the content was nothing new. Indeed, King Charles also recieved a document, raising increadibly similar points from the Parliamentarians not long before his head was rolling around ontop of a banquetting hall in Central London. That was about a century before.

What ive stated above is reasonably well known. Amoung the list of Villians within the British Monarchy one must surely have heard of King Henry, author of the Reformation, King Charles, who went out of his head during the English Civil war, and the maddness of King George who nearly lost the entire Empire when he took a profoundly nonchelant view of Thirteen small Collonies on the very edge of the world.

But historically speaking, all these things are pretty recent. Does anyone remember a time Prior to Protestantism? when the whole world was rulled as much by the Roman Catholic Church as it was Kings of Europe. A time before the march of Islam out of Africa? I suspect that there be only one date known in the majority of peoples minds, and that would be 1066 and the battle of hastings with William the Conquerer...maybe a few people would recall the Black Deaths Bubonic Plague...and the odd one or two in the south might hold dear the 1666 Great Fire of London.

Having been born and raised for the majority of my life in The City of Lincoln, I am rather familiar with something else which was a milestone in English History. I know of it, because I have seen with my own eyes, and tried infact to read (didnt understand a word of it) a Document held under glass in Lincoln Castle. A document which has the elusive signiture of one of the Worst Monarchs ever to sit on the Throne. King John. Remarkably he only rulled for about a decade...and yet he received the first precursor to The Declaration of Independance.

Infact, so vile was King John, that the British Populas would rather support France then England, and the Pope would rather Ex-Communicate him then accept him into Christondom, because the control freak wants control of the Church aswell, wishes to appoint or oppose the appointing of Catholic Bishops here and there. He's an adultorer who has a marriage annulled to satisfy his cravings, and he's an accomplis to Murder. Not bad for 12 years of the English Crown.

The film holds all the Historical parts, but plays them in the wrong order, and changes the ending. In the film we see the return of William Longchamp, due to the death of King Richard in the Crusades. The Film portrays King Richard dying in battle. This is a falsehood. King Richard was assasinated, most likely by an ordinary french peasent out for revenge, and the arrow did not kill him. He died of his wound when they became infected. This takes place around 1199. But it is 1190 that William Longchamp is trying to stop King John from taking the Throne whilst his Brother is out doing his duty for the Pope of Rome.

When the next Crusade came about, King John, decided he didnt actually want to fight for Jerusalem, and so he lost most of the lands by default gained by his now deceased brother. The rise in taxes was an attempt to either buy back the land, or raise an army to recover the land. Naturally things are not going well between John and the Pope, and thats when John takes despute to the Popes new appointments, so the Pope Ex-communicates him. None of this is covered in the film

...and then the Barons have had enough, and although the film depicts John refusing to sign the Magna Carte...actually, he did in 1215. It was possibly to little to late, and not held to. That was when the Barons supported the King of France in an invasion force of the Realm. Maybe the only time that the British have ever supported the French!

It was short lived. The French King was never crowned, and as soon as John died, the Barons all supported his son as King instead. King Loius of France never officially reigned in England, although he did invade much of the south and was infact supported by the Barons. The Film of course depicts an armarda of French attacking the south coast and being driven back into the sea by the heroic King John, who has lied about his intent to sign the Magna Carte and then doesnt....thats not strictly speaking how it happened you understand

Other then that the film excelled, with both friar tuck and Lady Marion in semi-comical roles, and the standard of acting, and the script writers really do deserve a round of applause. One thing missing from the tale, is the best wellknown bit about the legend, the archer who hides in Sherwood forrest, not far from the city of Nottingham.

As mentioned above, having lived in Lincoln for the best part of twenty odd years, I am well familiar with Nottingham, with what is left of Sherwood forrest, and with Newark, the town where King John finally died
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