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Old 02-22-2009, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
GSP vs Maia at 185, then whoever wins gets Silva
I disagree. While GSP and Maia would make for an interesting fight, GSP should have no bearing on the 185 division.

Maia deserves a shot at Silva (and the title) way before GSP does because that's his division, his weight class. Similiar to Thiago Alves deserving a shot at GSP (and the title) before Penn did. What did Penn do @ 170 recently to warrant a title shot? Absolutely nothing, that's what. While it made the UFC (and both fighters) a boat-load of money, I really didn't see a point in having the match (just because it's what BJ wanted - I think that GSP will defend against anyone the UFC tells him to defend against).

Saying that the number one contender-ship goes to the winner of a match up between GSP and Maia, in a weight class that (to the best of my knowledge) GSP has made no claims to want to be a part of, is just ridiculous. It really does echo the UFC though in giving title shots (or number one contender-ships) to the popular fighters, the money makers, rather than the qualified individual, i.e. Rampage gets a shot at Evans (should he beat Jardine) before Machida's name is even mentioned.

The UFC should be

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