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Default Cops Kill Escapee / Dumbest Comment Ever?

Dumbest comment ever? See red typing.

From montgomeryadvertiser.com:
"An escaped inmate was shot and killed by police Wednesday evening near Fitzpatrick Elementary School, according to the Montgomery Police Department.

Blue lights lit up the area as nearby residents gathered in driveways and in the grass near the school parking lot, watching the scene unfold.

Ricky Walker, 36, who residents said lived in the neighborhood, was pronounced dead at 7:06 p.m. near the corner of Virginia Loop Road and Fitzpatrick Boulevard, said Capt. Keith Barnett, a police spokesman.

Walker escaped from the Montgomery jail while on work release Dec. 9 and was wanted for first-degree escape, police said. He was serving 252 days for capias warrants, Barnett said.

Members of the Montgomery Police Department's fugitive task force had heard Walker was in the area near the school and while on patrol, spotted him driving in a neighborhood near Amherst Drive and Virginia Loop Road, Barnett said.

Police had photos of Walker and knew what he looked like, he said.

At 6:50 p.m., patrol cars attempted to stop Walker at a stop sign, Barnett said. One of the patrol cars pulled in behind his car while another pulled in front to block Walker in and prevent a chase that could have been dangerous for others in the area, Barnett said.

Police said that Walker then put his vehicle in reverse, ramming the patrol car behind him. Police in the vehicle in front of Walker had gotten out of their car and at that time Walker attempted to run them over, Barnett said.

Both officers from the front patrol car shot at Walker's car, hitting him, Barnett said. He said it happened "within a matter of seconds."

The police officers did what they did to defend their lives, Barnett said.

As police, including Chief Arthur Baylor and state officials, arrived on the scene, a woman at the scene was heard yelling, "They killed my brother. They killed my brother."

Some residents were visibly hostile toward police, laughing at requests to clear the scene. One man charged the police line saying, "If you want to shoot someone, shoot me." Police restrained the man and escorted him away from the taped-off area.

Audrieanna Chappell, who said she was Walker's niece, arrived after he had been shot. "They said he was about to hit them, but how can he do that when he was shot? I don't know why they shot him," she said.

Barnett said the scene had been secured but Walker's vehicle had not been searched for weapons as of Wednesday night.

Officials from the Alabama Bureau of Investigation were on the scene at the request of the Montgomery Police Department, which is a standard procedure when an officer is involved in a shooting."

First his cousin is dumb. Second please feel sorry for me because of the idots I share a city with.

A few years ago a cop was shot during a traffic stop. The POS that did it waited until the officer got to his window to ask for his DL & insurance info and then shot the officer in the mouth. The officer fell to the ground and the driver then leaned out the window and shot the officer until all rounds were used. Despite the jury recommendation for life in prison, the judges over turned it and that loser got the death penality. The reason the judge cited for overturning it - the same man served 5 years for murdering a former girlfriend. In the dash board video you can see 4 people sitting on porches watching this happen. NOT 1 OF THEM CALLED 911. A retired officer that works with a volunteer crime prevention group was driving on the next street over and went looking for where the shots came from. He found the officer 3 minutes later. Still no 911 call. Those losers got nothing because the video wasn't clear enough to make out faces even though they were all still sitting there when more officers and rescue arrived watching like it was some kind of entertainment.
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