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Old 02-19-2009, 02:57 PM
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Default God bless those touts!

After the last UFC where i sadly saw Matt Hughes lose i was privy to some top draw seats on the floor, about 15 rows from the ring.

I paid 300 for those bad boys, only to find one of my brothers mates ONE row behind me who got his from a tout for 125 for literally the same seats. It seemed after a lot of the fighters dropped out people had over bought and tickets were goign cheap.

Well for this time, i have managed to get tickets for the 2nd best set of seats in the house for 35!

Let the good times roll.

Im rooting for Kos and Stephenson but i see Diego winning by TKO.

Anyway, i know i said this card werent that great for that price, in the words of Joe Rogan, it is possibly the greatest card of all time!
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