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Old 03-28-2010, 06:06 AM
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Originally Posted by donaldbreland View Post
I will beat the next rally. That is if you call going to my next town meeting and supporting my Country against this crazy mess our Government is doing to us a rally. You are the ones who are racists. I do not agree with your views and I think Buzzard just comes on here to start crap. You say he comes on here with proof but I have never seen any proof come from his mouth. I do not need to go back to school and hit any books. I live a very good life and love God which I am very thankful for. I will do this though. I will apologize to this forum for my conduct on this topic but I will not take back my feelings towards you. I think you are simply on the same side as Obama and to me that is bad for our Country. From now on if you have a problem please pm me.
PM??? I have got nothing to hide....do you??

You see Donald, you clearly did NOT read my post. I said "you may disagree with buzzard" and that is ok. But at least he cites his info. Do you know what it means to cite info? No, you probably do not. Hence, GO BACK TO SCHOOL. You see Donald, an education allows the expansion of ones mind. It allows you to critically think and disect information. Maybe now I see why you like Glen Beck, he is just like you!

And, you are in NO position to say Buzzard starts crap. He may post things that people disagree with, but you post some of the most morally repugnant things on this website.

You see Buzzard will give you a link to: a news article, a research paper, or something else to try and back up what he says, even if you dont agree with it. This allows for a healthier debate as more info is shared. What he does NOT do, is post stupid little youtube videos that little kids can access on some of the most wacko conspiracy theories. Let me guess, you also get your political info from watching AMERICAN DAD and Family Guy on Fox????
I mean seriously Donald, have you studied any: history, political science, government, civics....or anything? or do you just take what TV personalities say at face value?

And if you had read my other posts in other areas of this site, you will see that I have criticized obama, and have commented that I DO NOT agree with many things he does. Most recently, I said it was WRONG for him to pass the current healthcare bill in your country. Why don't you go back and read that, if you can!

And you keep saying we (I am assuming Buzzard and I) are the ones who are racist???? Please Donald show me where I said a racist comment to you? I have certainly criticized you, and perhaps been harsh with you..... but racist? You see, a racist comment is one in which a person with a prejudiced believes that one race is superior to another. Please provide where I did that with you, regarding you race as a white man??? You CAN'T, because I have NOT. Just because someone calls you a racist, does NOT make them the racist.

And you are right, I do disagree with you. I am going to say this reaallllllll sloooowwwwwwww . Me disagreeing with your political views does not make me think you are a racist, its the other CRAP you say. And you know darn well what I am talking about, because then you come and say, "I am sorry, for who I offended..blah blah blah"

And it is not me and buzzard who think you are a little wacko! I am sure there are plenty of people on this forum who think so, and they have posted as such.

LORDY, sorry for the rant ya'll. Off to the UFC 111 thread.
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