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Default Echo of Diana, The Queen that never was

Her name was Charlotte. She was The Princess of Wales. Her father, who had been The Prince of Wales asscended to the Throne of England as George Forth. He'd been married at one time before sitting on the Throne, and she was his only Child (inside of wedlock)

Her Father wished that she marry William of Orange, but she refused, and instead eventually married Leopold Saxe Coburg. He would, later, after her death, become Leopold First of Belgium.

in 1817 after having two misscarriages in an otherwise perfect marriage, she conceved a male. Apparently she was very much loved and the press stalked her writing daily about her movements whilst pregnant.

At this time in British Medical History Women Midwives were being turfed out by Male Midwives who had better training. The Royals chose the Latter choice for Charlottes care. The main problem with Female Midwives had with the male Midwives was the fact they used a new technique known as Forcepts Delivery. This was seen as not good, and highly criticised.

Thus when Charlotte entered a 50 hour labour, 2 weeks overdue, the Male Midwife did not use Forcepts when perhaps he should have. Sadly Her male Heir was Still-Born. Bad enough it was dead, so terrible and distressing that it was a Male Heir to the First in line for the Throne prior to her asscension, and in a loving marriage.

So heart broken, but in high spirits, Charlotte rested after the birth. A slumber she never awoke from. Overnight she suffered a bleed and died. Two generations of Royal Heirs lost overnight.

Leopold, only an English Royal by marriage went on to Rule Belguim, Founding his very own Continental Monarchy. He later Remaried, moved to the United States and reared a full family, one of which became Empress Carlotta of Mexico

Her death was taken as a National Tragedy. The shops were shut across the country in an act of mourning for nearly 14 days. Such a young Princess, within such a loving marriage, with a male heir, had been set to rise to the Kingdom, overnight the whole family was wipedout and no direct descendant to the Throne.

Although George had more then Ten Children, half were illigitamate, and the other half were two old to conceive or rumoured to be infertile. It was left to The Duke of Kent, who by the time of George forths death had only produced a Female.

That Female would become the longest reigning Monarch of English History

HM Queen Victoria.
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