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Old 03-23-2010, 07:06 PM
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Smile a call for prayer

With emotions running high over this last weekend, I thought that we should possibly launch a prayer thread.

GOD has plans for everyone, and GOD also has plans and guidence for "peoples"

When people are feeling really bad, or that something has gone really wrong, little can be solved with words, it may be too late to debate.

but we can always pray about things, and hope that GOD will listen and answer our prayers, however bad things look, we must believe that he can change things around...and if he doesnt...we must trust that he knows what is best...that he will still love and care for those people who love him.

..and we should always pray for our enemies also...and the reason for this is that it is potentially the most horrific thing for an unsaved person to be blessed by a Holy GOD...its like throwing a scrap of paper into a fire.

If you are not praying for the people you should be...or you are not praying for the situations you should be...then I would ask you...as we approach palm sunday and Holy week to recall what you really ought to be doing...and turn in ceaseless prayer instead of whatever else it is your actually doing.

We should all remember, if it doesnt bring Him Glory...we shouldnt be doing or saying it. We must remind ourselves that it is under persecution that our faith should flourish the best, and we should recall that there will be no perfect system until the Millenial Reign
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Old 03-23-2010, 07:26 PM
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I am with you on this ... I am praying that all goes well everywhere in the world ... i pray that people who's lives have been impacted by many of the different things that have gone on in the world lately go through everything as smooth as possible ... i pray that those who have had it good do not take things for granted and continue to have the good fortunes they have had, while remembering those who are in need ... i pray for those who have had to be away from their families, whether for work or defending their nation .. that they have a safe stay where they are, and a safer journey home, back to their loved ones ...
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