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Old 02-18-2009, 10:16 PM
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Default UFC Undisputed article

I just got my new Game Informer magazine in yesterday, and it has a nice little article about the upcoming UFC game. For those who don't get the magazine, here is the article:
A few Ultimate Fighting Championship titles have come and gone over the last decade, but none of them had the fighting chops to survive. With the UFC continuing to rise in popularity, THQ - no stranger to the ring with its Smackdown vs. Raw series - is stepping up, and might have what it takes to weather more than a few rounds in the Octagon.

Thanks to developer Tuke's impressively detailed character models and animation system, these fighters look real. The developer has worked hard to ensure that each fighter's body moves and reacts like it should in combat. These digital reconstructions sweat, breathe, and bleed like the real deal; and they also interact well with each other. Limbs no longer clip into the body or stop just short of connection. Every impact looks firm. When a fighter blocks a devastating kick, his arms press back against the body and face realistically - jaws snap back with force after an uppercut. The animation holds up even as these brawlers battle back and forth with athletic speed.

The control system is easy to pick up, with the face buttons handling all the basic attacks while the left and right buttons handle modifying basic attacks and blocking. Anyone who has watched UFC knows that eventually most bouts devolve into a rolling match on the floor, so plenty of effort has gone into making sure the ground game is just as deep as the traditional fighting. A new grapple system has been created using the right analog stick, so fighters will have to strategically position themselves in the best spot to put a submission hold on their opponent while dealing with his attempts to block, counter, and escape.

Like most wrestling games, UFC features robust career and create-a-fighter modes. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg also provide hours of commentary. The final release will pack an extensive roster of 80 of the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world. Across five weight classes you'll see names like Wanderlei Silva, BJ Penn, Frank Mir, Rashad Evans, and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Undisputed looks promising so far, but we won't find out until later this year if it really lives up to its name.
The article has the release date as "Spring".
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