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Old 03-13-2010, 05:42 PM
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Lightbulb WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!

sooooo I went out and bought some Birds today...I bought two Zebra finches...which are tiddly birds...absolutely minute...and make silly noises like sirens....I put them in my new cage.

I also couldnt resist getting a second Budgie...because I was slightly worried that Jens was getting lonely...Budgies are flock birds and the Budgie Stud man said I shouldnt have a problem....


Jens has been alone in a cage for quite some time...I introduced the new bird and he made the mistake of flapping around horrendously, and he clean knocked Jens off his perch....

Jens didnt take kindly to that and started following him about and...well snapping his beak in the other ones face...

This presents me with certain...issues because I now have only two cages and potentially Wyman and Jens are not going to be able to live together...which means I might have to get a third cage because Budgies and Finches dont get along either....So long as they dont sit on the same perch they seem to be fine...and in all the exchanges...Jens is being the aggressor...they told me Budgies could live together....anyway...The earliest I can get a new cage is Monday...and I'm away in Lincoln for the whole day tommorow....

....so I'm gonna watch them like a hawk tonight and tomorrow...and if I'm still worried they might kill each other...I mean Jens hasnt hurt Wyman...yet but if I'm still worried about it...I'll have to split them up...i'd rather not coz it'll be...an unexpected extra expense...but I'm responsible for them now...so if Jens is gonna be a real dumbass about this new bird...I shall have to ensure his safety.

on a completely different subject....I have to name my Finches...difficult as they look identical
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