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Originally Posted by Bonnie
But, what did you mean about the "steering" like in turning corners--this vs. motorcycle? I know how a bike banks on curves but you acted like it was quite different on this spyder.
The Spyder won't lean... at all. So when you enter a curve you're "pushing" it through... you just turn the handlebars in the direction of the curve and that's it.

On a motorcycle there is very, very little (if any) turning of the handlebars to take a corner. It's all about leaning the bike over. Obviously there are exceptions like low speeds and raked out choppers but for the most part turning is done by leaning you body/bike in the way you want to go. Going around corners on the spyder felt like taking a flat curve on a rollercoaster.

Taking a corner the right way on a motorcycle is seamless... it's nirvana on 2 wheels... you and the bike are one....

There is only 1 thing in this world I enjoy more then being on a motorcycle.... and I don't often wear a helmet to do that either.
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