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Old 02-19-2010, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
If the French kept you busy, that says something.lol

alright, that made me laugh!
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Originally Posted by bradwright View Post
you are just way to smart for me there DUDE ! !...lol...who even says dude anymore?

seriously though try and get some help with your anger problem.
Yeah Rev! Control your anger! hahahahahaha

Rev is a violent person from what i hear. He beats up the people in his church all the time for not putting enough in the collection plate, etc.
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Old 02-19-2010, 12:40 PM
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This is like asking if Red is the best colour in the world ... it is so subjective and many people haven't lived in other countried for long enough to make a proper decision .. yes, you will have studies that take everything into account, and people still disagree with them .... i see it as this way ... if you are happy with where you live, then who cares ... i live in canada and love it .. i have been to many places, but never to live, so I wouldn't be able to say if Canada is the best ... but for me, it is the best

okay, so here is a list from the UN
Best Country to Live: List of Countries on 2009 UN HDI
Share: by Scott Wu | October 5, 2009 at 11:52 am
79061 views | 30 Recommendations | 61 comments
see larger image
The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) released its 2009 Human Development Report, and ranked 182 countries in terms of the quality of life of their citizens, or the UN Human Development Index (HDI). The criteria included life expectancy, literacy rates, school enrollment, and the country's economy. Norway is ranked the first, followed by Australia and Iceland.

The data, however, were collected in 2007, before the global financial melt-down in 2008. Much has changed in countries such as Iceland, which experienced severe bank failure. However, Iceland's ranking is not expected to decline too much because of its high life expectancy and education standard.

Ranked the lowest were Niger, Afghanistan, and Sierra Leone.

Afghanistan was considered the second least desirable place to live in, with a life expectancy of 43.6 years, due to the war and civil unrest.

Here is the list of countries on the Human Development Report:

Top 30 on Human Development Index Ranking

United States
New Zealand
United Kingdom
Hong Kong, China (SAR)
Korea (Republic of)
Brunei Darussalam

Now I would never see myself living in Norway or Iceland, and I had many Canadian friends go to Australia to live and came back ... so again, such a subjective topic ....
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Old 02-19-2010, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid View Post
I feel that many people here think that the United States of America is the greatest country in the world.

I for one consider myself a patriot and I love this country and know that it is the greatest nation in the world.

I have been to the Middle East, Asia, all over Europe and across North and South America, in total I've visited, worked and lived in over a dozen countries. I have experienced several types of culture, people, religions, music, entertainment, societies, food, languages and governments and have concluded that America has the best system in the world.

My question to everyone on this board: Do you think America is the greatest country in the world and what other countries have you lived in?

I think this could bring a unique discussion about all topics that are represented in these forums.
Lived...or Visited??

I have only ever LIVED in England...but I have Visited Scotland, Wales, The Republic of Eire, the Channel Islands, The Islands of Mull and Iona, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, and Several from the United States of America, include Virginia, The District of Colombia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pensylviania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri

Greatest Country in the World needs to be defined.

In terms of Super-powers, currently it is the Greatest Country because it is the sole Super Power.

In Terms of Empire, its not very Great because its territories and realms are small, but then it didnt rise to power until after the age of empires really.

In Terms of Size, Its pretty Great because it occupies the vast majority of one of only a handful of continents on the planet, and its climate is vastly different at two different points in the same country

In terms of Age and Legacy, No, The United States is little more then a teenager, only New Zealand and Israel are younger then her, unless you want to count some of the countries that came into being after the collapse of the USSR I suppose

in terms of population No, infact she is quite Minor, she has lots of land and virutally no population

In terms of Military Strength, Yes she is Great

In terms of International Significance, well, she wobbled a bit recently, but she's still up there with the older boys

She is the last vestige of Christendom thats for sure.

so it depends on what you mean by Greatest. I certainly love Americans and America, she reminds me of what England used to be because in so many ways she takes after her Mother

You are one of Our Brood hahahaha

We are The Land of Hope and Glory


"land of Hope and Glory, Mother of The Free..."

You are The Land of the Free and Home of The Brave


"does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave, over the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave..."

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