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JA Yount
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Default 20 Year-Old UFC Fighter - Rory MacDonald

On The Spot ~ Rory MacDonald

Most teenage Canadian males have aspirations of one day playing along side the greatest hockey players in world. Rory MacDonald did not see it that way; at 16 years old he made his professional mixed martial arts debut. He made his start, with his parents permission, against Terry Thiara at "Extreme Fighting Challenge 4" in his native province of British Columbia, winning by way of rear-naked choke. MacDonald went on to win five fights in a row and captured the King Of The Cage lightweight championship belt at the tender age of 18.

In his first title defense, MacDonald beat highly touted HIT Squad member Clay French. It was after this win that the mixed martial arts community really started to take notice of the young fighter. Following the win, he moved up in weight and captured the KOTC welterweight belt, winning by armbar submission. However, it wasn't until he defeated light heavyweight fighter, Nick Hinchliffe, that he was offered a contract from the UFC. In his first fight with the organization, MacDonald did not disappoint, securing a submission win over veteran fighter Mike Guymon.

Undefeated, MacDonald has won six fights by submission while picking up four wins by way of knockout or technical knockout. His next fight is rumored to be against former WEC Weltereight Champion Carlos Condit at UFC 115 in Vancouver, British Columbia. It would be a very evenly matched fight which could vault MacDonald up the welterweight ladder.

Brad LeBeau: Congratulations on your win at "UFC Fight Night 20." How did it feel to win your debut with the organization?
Rory MacDonald: Thank you, it felt great winning my first fight with the UFC, it was a dream come true since I was old enough to remember.

B.L: What is your martial arts background, and how long have you been training for?
R.M: My background is basically just mixed martial arts, I have been training at Toshido MMA since I was 14 and the gym is centered around MMA competion.

B.L: Do you primarily stay at one camp or do you travel around to improve your game?
R.M: Basically, I train all of my fight camp at Toshido, but lately I have been going out to Montreal to train at Tristar now and again, with GSP and everyone out there and that has been a great experience for me.

B.L: Your body seems to fill out more and more each time we see you, how much weight do you have to cut to make 170 pounds?
R.M: Well basically I am around 185 to 190 then I usually start cutting water weight at around 180 but I will weigh 190 by fight time.

B.L: Your next fight is being scheduled for June in British Columbia. What does it mean for you to fight in your home province on MMA's biggest stage.
R.M: To fight in Vancouver would be huge!

B.L: Your rumored fight for that card is against Carlos Condit, what kind of problems does he pose for you?
R.M: I can't confirm this fight, but as far as what i think about fighting a guy like Condit, I believe he's an amazing fighter with all the right tools [to] make a great fight with me.

B.L: Where would a win over Condit put you in the division?
R.M: I dunno you would have to ask UFC that question, but I would imagine people would take some notice of me.

B.L: You are only 20 years old but seem to be on the fast track, would you rather face the top dogs in the division or be built up slowly?UFN 20
R.M: Well every fight before I got to the UFC was kind of a building block for me as far as developing me slowly to who I am now. I believe I have lots of years to improve, but when I was ready to make the jump into the UFC I fully understood that I could be fighting anyone in the stacked welterweight division--and that doesnt worry me at all, it excites me to be able to fight the best group of guys in the world. So, to answer your question, it doesn't matter to me if I am slowly built up or if I fight the top guys.

B.L: Do you ever look back at the 14-year-old that first started training and draw on that while preparing for a fight?
R.M: I look back, [from] time to time, on [the] training when I first started and remember how much fun I had. I try to remember to always keep having as much fun as I did when I first started.

B.L: Do you have any advice for young teens looking to get into the sport?
R.M: If you love it, then let nothing stand between you and your dream, and be prepared to make sacrifices!

B.L: Are there any other sports that you are interested, or participate, in?
R.M: I like all sports, MMA overruns my time so I usually never get the chance to play them anymore.

B.L: What do you feel is your best weapon inside the cage?
R.M: My best weapon is that I have a lot of weapons.

B.L: Are there any sponsors, or friends and family that you would like to thank?
R.M: Nole Anderson, Leanne Bosson, Roslin Richie, thank you guys for helping me during 2009! Without them I probably could not have made it to the UFC this year.
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