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Default who can play an instrument, or sing

Do any of you play any insturments...even if not perfectly...or can you sing?

I got up to Grade 3 Clarinet believe it or not...yeah....and I cant read music soooo it was harder then it sounds...I had to learn everything by ear...and pray the sight reading test wouldnt be too difficult

Oh...and I can sing...I was basically a trebble when tiny...now I can do either tenor or bass...im probably whatever division is inbetween them...I dont have perfect pitch, BUT I have can hold near perfect time.
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Growing up, my mom was adamant that we should have a solid base in music, so I had weelky piano lessons for about 7yrs straight. This allowed me to be able to read both staves & have a pretty solid understanding of rhythms.

Then in middle school I took up the trombone. I played all the way through high school & in my senior year was the Principal Trombonist in the Wind Ensemble, 1st Trombone in the Jazz Ensemble & Low Brass Section Leader in Marching Band.

I went to college for Music Education & there learned to play the cello, basson & percussion, as well as being re-introduced to piano. I also took vocal course, as well as a slew of music theory & composition classes. It was during the summer between my Sophomore & Junior years (June of '06) that I first joined these forums. Since the two most important things in my life at that time were music & God, my original screenname was ChristianTrombonist.

Most importantly, though, I joined the VCU Pep Band. As all y'all know by now, I've been a member of the pep band for 8 seasons now. Thanks to the Pep Band, I can say, with complete honesty, that I went to VCU on an academic and atheltic scholarship (we got "paid" by the athletic department), that I've worked as a professional musician (after I graduated, they kept me on contract) & that I've played a 2-night gig at Madison Square Gardens (Thanksgiving basketball tournament VCU was in that they bu