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Default Children's Bibles

I have always ready to my kids from the Bible, though not as much as I should. I read to them from those story Bible where it doesn't use actual verses but just a child size retelling. Well mine have out grown that and I have been reading to them from my Bible this year. They no longer wanted to take their story Bibles to church since they actually read verses now so last night we went shopping for new ones.

I have to say this: I have bought my kids thousands of gifts and treats over the years but nothing has come close to buying them Bibles last night. I bought them the story Bibles for Valetine's one year but this was very different because as they picked out the one they wanted, I felt over joyed at how excited my kids were over what to me was a purchase that was investing in their souls. I can't get over how amazing it was and how it felt to sit down and read with them last night out of the Bible they chose.

I encourage you to do this with your kids if you haven't already. Actually let them go and pick one out - it seems like they get an instant connection to their Bible that way. We went to Family Christian Bookstore. My 9 year old got a Bible designed by Fellowship of Christian Athlete and my 6 year old picked up one that highlights super hero from the Bible. Super awesome thought from the dedication in this one from the author to his grandson "May you grow up to become a super hero for God." LOVE IT!
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