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Default Orthodox Worship


Probably exactly what Fedor is used to...but I have to say I find it very bizzare

As I understand the above is actually Greek Orthodox and the Below is Russian Orthodox, same Hymn. I cant tell if they are singing the same language, but I dont think so, the one below if far less harsh. Having lived with Greeks in Univeristy, I know that Greek is one of the most harsh sounding Languages in the world


The Orthodox Church grew next to Rome for many centuries, covering the East after the Empire Fragmented into Two. Constentine probably ensured the Orthodox Church when he tried to move the Capital to Constantinople rather then Rome. These people also trace their ancestory back to certain Apostles but unlike the Romans, they do not claim their succession is specifically apostolic and certainly not GODs authorititive voice on the Planet. The Greek and Russian Orthodox as far as I know never had a true split from each other, except for the fact the Greek part was over-run by Islamists after the Fall of Constantinople. Islam made it as far as Greece, but never got to Rome. They also never got that far into Russia. So the Orthodox Church was never truely smushed.

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