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Default UFC 155 *SPOILERS*

Here we go!

Chris Cariaso vs. John Moraga

Round 1:
Chris Tognoni is our referee. Cariaso ducks under and lands a kick to Moraga's lead leg. Moraga answers with a right hook. Moraga catches a kick and briefly stumbles Cariaso with a counter. Moraga muscles Cariaso to the ground only to immediately let him back up. So far neither man willing to commit to anything significant. Cariaso charges in with a one-two but Moraga slips it and presses Cariaso against the fence. The fight retakes the center of the Octagon and Cariaso wastes little time connecting with a kick to the body. Moraga blocks a high kick. Solid left hook lands on the jaw of Cariaso. Moraga eats a right hand and answers with a straight counter. Cariaso launches another kick to the body.