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Originally Posted by DonnaMaria View Post
No one else has anything funky in their fridge?!?

Oh I don't believe that for a minute!!!!!

Mac must have something strange.........

or definately DAVE!!!!!! Maybe some Spotted Dick!
He has got to have something!!!!!!!
LOL , something wierd , think of Mac lol.

Well im like twinsmama , Ive got a 12 point bucks head and hide in a trashbag in the deepfreeze right now , back when i coonhunted alot there would always be a trash bag of coonhides in there ever so often . Uhm tell ya what ,a ctually i think there ar 2 pheasants stuffed inside panty hose int hier right now waiting thier turn at the taxidermist also , the panty hose keeps the feathers down and flat .

So i guess there are some not so normal things in my freezer right now ,

a deer head , 2 pheasants and about 30 doves .

My mom works at a veterinary clinic sometimes when she isnt grooming dogs at the house and alot of times she will bring home vaccinations for her customers animals since alot of them are elderly and cant drive out of town to the veterinary office where she works . Shes not a vet , just a groomer but the vet clinics hire her to spend a day at thier clinic grooming thier customers animals . SO at any given time there are several different vaccines for dogs and horses in the butter drawer ha ha ha.
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