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Default What is the strangest thing in your fridge?

I have a Luna moth caterpillar that is ďwinteringĒ ( in a cocoon) in the crisper drawer in my refrigerator! My girls found it last fall. My neighbors son is going to grad school to be an entomologist ( bug guy ) and he gave the girls directions on how to have it hibernate in our fridge for the winter. And apparently in a few months we will pull it out and then, hopefully it hatch and become a Luna moth. Hopefully. Otherwise I will have had this bug taking up salad space for nothing!

Itís kind of gross and I have to make sure that I donít take it out when I am putting away the groceries! But it isnít the strangest thing that I have had in my fridge ever.

That honor goes to the bat that was once in my freezer. My uncle was over once to remove a bat that had flown into my basement! And it ended up biting him! Animal control told him to catch it and kill it and hold onto it until it could be tested for rabies! So he did! It was in my freezer for 2 weeks in a Shoprite bag until someone from the county came to pick it up!

I made the guy go and retrieve it! I wasnít touching it!!!!

Luckily for my uncle it wasn't rabid!
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