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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
Well in the past they were necessary, but in today's world, there's plenty of laws and regulations that take care of it. I really don't know anything about Britain, but it sounds like a much different world over here.

We are worlds apart. Thats what a lot of people on BOTH sides forget. Americans sometimes cant understand why English people are so reserved and so stiff upper lipped. They see it as an expression of distaste or insincerity. Its not. It just looks that way because England doesnt have the same cultural confidence emphasis. Its normal for some English to be less enthusiastic visibly. It doesnt mean we hate you

But the English are just overwhelemed by the American Bravado that wont leave them alone. American shout, are blunt to the point of being rude and insensative....and many dont understand the confidence emphasis. They dont realize its perfectly normal for Americans to fly their flags, be patriotic, loud and gun-ho. So some English think they are arrogant and to prideful.

And yet the East and Orient sees just ONE Western World, when there is perhaps Three if not Four major Cultures. There is the American Culture of the Combined 49 states (we'll exclude Hawaii because they are...different) There is the British Culture (which includes Canada and Austrailia) and there is the European Perspective (which includes Northern and Med countries, it also includes a fair ammount of Latin America aswell!) Then I would say there is the Slavic Viewpoint, (that accounts for the Baltic, the Eastern Bloc and Russia) The Eastern Viewpoint (which covers much of Africa, the Middle East, parts of South East Europe, and Asia) and then the Oriental (which covers China, India and Oceania) After that you have Tribal Cultures, that covers some of South America, some of Africa, and The Ring of Fire. I think Hawaiians are far closer in culture to their Samoan and Polynesian roots, then there American roots...thus I thing that 50th State is caught in Limbo...a little like the French-Canadians

hahahahaha Obviously generalizations...but the point is. England and America are categorically NOT the same culture
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