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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
I don't see how a judge could have said Rich won that fight .. all three rounds.. I saw Rich losing the first.. but winning the second 2 rounds..
I dont think thats what the judge was saying. I think the judge was deducting points from Henderson because he made so many illegal strikes. That would rule out rounds one and three...and round two was Franklin

et viole...three rounds to Franklin

Its not accurate...BUT it raises a good point, when the Refs are no longer penalizing fighters, I think the Judges should. You watch, if the insitution were to use this to highlight fighter saftey...the amount of low blows and illegal strikes are on the rise...its only a matter of time before a fighters career is ended by an accidental eyepoke or something...Regardless of whether its deliberate or not...its still a mistake...its about time it qualified as a loss of points.

I was so angered by this I was half way through writing an article about it
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