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Originally Posted by Tyburn
That will eventually change if they keep up their most recent maltreatment.
What mis-treatment? The cuts? It's not like it's within their (UFCs) rights. I would be willing to bet it's in their contracts what could cause a contact to be voided..

As for Unions...the reason noone wants one is because they are skeeeeerd that the Union might actually tell the UFC they cant do something. :
Well.. Maybe the UFC just says "F you Union.. " A union is not needed. If you think that a Union is the only think that would make changes.. welll.. your.. just.. UNAMERCIAN!!!

I know one of the things about America I dislike is that across the board most things have been de-unionized. This makes working a littttttttle bit unprotected because who do you have to turn to for help if you are wronged?:
No unions and we are doing pretty good... hmmm interesting. Most larger companies and smaller.. protect their workers.. I guess it depends on what you view as "wronged".. We have many labor laws..


I believe that Wal-Mart is now completely de-unionized
There has never been a wally world union in the states.. and besides.. the workers couldn't afford to pay for it.. and most are too stupid to get their lazy arses to work on TIME.. let alone for a union meeting..
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