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Originally Posted by Tyburn
As for MW. Perhaps they should have let Anderson Silva actually work his way to the title. Then he wouldnt have spent so much time on top with nowt to do. Not that his performance verses Cote was half what he's capable of.

Dude.. Anderson (and I am not the fan boy) worked for his shot.. he came into the UFC from Pride (which Zuffa owns).. with something like a 15-4 record..was given a tune up fight.. against someone that had a lot of hype (Leban) and TKOed him. made sense to strike while the name was hot..

GSP needs to finish a fight in a title defence before he even thinks of fighting anywhere outside of his division, and BJ Penn should stick to what he's good at and leave the big boys alone, grease or no grease..
No one is really pushing him to fight Anderson.. prolly cause Anderson couldn't cut to WW.. granted.. I would like to see that at a catch weight fight..

2) Pro Wrestling has big numbers aswell. Want the sport to end up like that? You dont reward drug users and or Bonnar should be dumped in exactly the manner that Sobral was....and the UFC brought in the TUFers now they must deal with the consequences.
Renato was dumped HARD for his actions in the cage.. Bonner just lost to a "nobody". Granted that Jones is a friend of a friend.. he still hasn't done much.. one on the way up.. (jones) and another on the way down (bonner)

3) Perhaps you'll be hearing more of Wellisch when he sets up a Union and stops the UFC running roughshod across other people. As for Mohr...well he might need more then a debutees loss to get recognised. If The UFC arent prepared to let people recover from a single loss, then you'll never get to bloody see his face will you...and that wont be HIS fault.

Who has gotten cut from a single loss? It seems more to me that they are cut after 2/3 losses.. and really bad preformances...
It is because you chose to get on the mat that makes you the winner. Think about how many people are not on that mat right now. - Luis Sucuri Togno
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