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Originally Posted by Tyburn
1) no its not. De-unionization promotes the idea that your workers can be abused like slaves.. "Cannot speak up for themselves" the sad fact is without a Union they absolutely cant! Why should the UFC pay any notice whatsoever to Mr Mohr for example? Why should they keep him? who can he possibly complain to? He and all those in the UFC have almost no voice at all. A union ensures that promotions like the UFC cant just hire and fire and play politics or treat their employees like cattle!!

2) Wait, thats what he would do. Because it wouldnt take long for the fighters to starve to death or be forced into other jobs. plus you'd need a united front. If ten fight camps went on strike, he'd find replacements. if they all went on strike he'd wait...within a month some of them would be forced back.

3) so I'm waiting for your better views. What good is it to point out an issue and no suggest an alternative? If not a Union...what? You gonna excercise YOUR voice and write to the you think that would change their minds? A Union on the other hand will change their minds because a Union means EMPLOYMENT LAW is protected.

I feel VERY strongly about these sort of issues because I've been wronged in an area that is De-Unionized. I've experienced first hand what big Institutions think they can get away with when noone is watching them. Its criminal, no it actually IS criminal.
1) Why not complain to the source, Mr. White? When I was a teenager and if I had a problem with somebody, I confronted them. I didn't go to their mommy and daddy and ask them to handle the situation for me. A person could simply schedule an appointment to meet with him when he isn't busy. That's just a simple phone call and ask them guy for a few minutes of his time to express concerns, ask questions, etc.

2) If the UFC started bringing in a bunch of bums to head main events, nobody would buy them. It would be the demise of the UFC and the start of another organization. At least, that's how I feel.

3) It's like shopping at Wal-Mart, I don't agree with the way their workers are treated, but I still shop there because it saves me money. As long as the UFC keeps putting on fights that I enjoy watching, I'll keep buying PPV events and watching the shows on Spike. Like I said, fighters should speak up for themselves and go personally to Dana if they have any issues. I'm quite certain that Dana would respect them more if they brought the problems directly to him instead of going to the press or just complaining in radio shows and things like that. If they don't like the way the meeting was handled, they can go and fight elsewhere. Besides, Affliction is paying fighters much more than the UFC.

4) Sorry to hear what happened to you in your past. There are some companies who are quite large, like Wal-Mart, who I feel abuse their power. However, one thing I do know about Dana is he definitely would appreciate a guy who has the balls to confront him about issues and if they don't like the way Dana is handling it, they can leave.
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