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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
Disagree... on the whole.. they are treated very good.. you don't see up and comers wanting to go to Affliction or somewhere else.. It's UFC. Well if it was so bad for the fighters, then no one would want to go there..

I would like to see some of my favorite fighters takes on that...

Hell.. even Tito is lobbying to get back in the UFC.. but that's cause no one wants him.
That will eventually change if they keep up their most recent maltreatment.

As for Unions...the reason noone wants one is because they are skeeeeerd that the Union might actually tell the UFC they cant do something. I know one of the things about America I dislike is that across the board most things have been de-unionized. This makes working a littttttttle bit unprotected because who do you have to turn to for help if you are wronged?

I believe that Wal-Mart is now completely de-unionized
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