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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
[/I] 1) I whole-heartedly disagree. Look at the MW & HW divisions! They are so shallow that the champ in one has to move up in weight to avoid boredom & the champ in the other lost to the interim champ 2 fights ago!

2) On a pure skill basis, I completley agree. There are a lot of TUFers who deserve to be let go. The difference is that a lot of them are also fan favorites. Since the business is getting big numbers, that can be achieved by 1) putting on the best fights & 2) putting on the favorite fighters. Dana's going to be hard pressed to drop Stephan since he's half the reason the sport exploded.

3) When I saw "lackluster" I mean some who doesn't distinguish themselves from the crowd. I recognize the names Wellisch & Mohr, but I'mhard-pressed to put a face to the name without a google search. I'm not saying that they aren't skilled or that they didn't have extenuating circumstances, but them's the breaks.
1) that wouldnt happen if the UFC werent in such a rush to fast-track people TO the title in the first place! If they stopped playing games and started treating their fighters with respect ALL of their fighters rather then just one or two, they'd have better results. Lesnar should never have been fighting anywhere near the title. Nog should have been fighting Mir for the belt, and Couture should have been stripped.

As for MW. Perhaps they should have let Anderson Silva actually work his way to the title. Then he wouldnt have spent so much time on top with nowt to do. Not that his performance verses Cote was half what he's capable of.

GSP needs to finish a fight in a title defence before he even thinks of fighting anywhere outside of his division, and BJ Penn should stick to what he's good at and leave the big boys alone, grease or no grease.

2) Pro Wrestling has big numbers aswell. Want the sport to end up like that? You dont reward drug users and or Bonnar should be dumped in exactly the manner that Sobral was....and the UFC brought in the TUFers now they must deal with the consequences.

3) Perhaps you'll be hearing more of Wellisch when he sets up a Union and stops the UFC running roughshod across other people. As for Mohr...well he might need more then a debutees loss to get recognised. If The UFC arent prepared to let people recover from a single loss, then you'll never get to bloody see his face will you...and that wont be HIS fault.
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