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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
O right, that. I don't remember it well, but I don't think it was deliberate. It's just an unhappy side effect of the fingerless gloves. Yougo to punch, decide half way through you'd rather try to block the punch you see coming your way and/or push your opponent away. Your hand opens, the fingers come out & one accidentally catches cornea. I really don't think it was intentional.
Did you see the slo-mo though?

It looked deliberate to me. Besides...he's a trained athlete fighting on the maincard...he's in there for 15 mins and produces a headbutt and an eyepoke and wins the match. I cant tell you how angry that makes me. Franklin makes how many mistakes like that...? ohh...None

I'm REALLY angry at him for that, he has TUF to redeem himself...I feel like a fool because I trusted him too soon without the detailed research...and he let me down big time. So I officially withdrew all my support, I was so angry it inspired me to write and lobby that the judges get extra powers...I remember that didnt go down to well.

TUF can be a blessing, or a Curse...lets see how he fairs. He'd better impress me, because he now has a fair way to go before I'd think of supporting him again. I dont like being embarrised like that.

He knows exactly how I feel. ...and so does Franklin
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