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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
It's about the contracts. If they have all their money committed in contracts to lack luster or injured fighters, then they can't go after new talent.
They dont NEED new tallent at the moment.

There biggest mistake was to flood the stupid ranks with former TUFers who FAILED to make the grade. now they have TUFers all over the place. THATS SAD. That is a BAD mistake. Stephane Bonner for example...he highlighted a card last month...he's a FAILED TUFer...he had no place in the organisation to begin with. The UFC is a laughing stock because it breaks its own rules. TUF winners fight for a contract, and yet half of them get contracts whether they win or lose...and NOW they change the rules which is unfair on the later people involved in the project...but then TUF is no longer about tallent, its about generating pure and unadultorated ratings and advertisement...and the way they do that is by deliberately bringining in fighters who have NO place in the sport let alone in the organisation with the way they represent.

War Machine...Junie Browning...etc

Yet GOOD fighters like Mike Dolce, or Joe Duarte for example...where are they?? No...its absolute and utter bollox and this farse is why Dana White has outlived his position. Sure he did a great job putting it on the map...but now he's in danger of ruining what he's created.

Becareful who you call "lackluster" thats very rude for a fighter who gets injured and simply needs to take time out to heal. We arent talking Matt Serra popped a vertibrae doing a silly demonstration, or Georges Slipped on Sweat...we're talking a legitamate fighter with plenty of potential, who simply has come back from recovery. He's not a repeat offender, so dont try and say thats an issue.
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