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Rich definatley won round 3, looked to me like he won round 2.. Hendo won round 1, no question.

No way Rich took that as a 30.

The headbutt was accidental, the finger poke was too late in the fight to have mattered much. And that is a problem with defensive fighting. You open your hand for many things.. it's a risk. Not a large one, but still part of the game.

No harm, no foul.

I am wondering if there is a prevision that would have allowed the fight to end right there.. and go to the judges if the eye poke was that bad.

Doubt it, but it's a similiar question to "No Contest" fights.. if a fight reaches a certain point, should that be allowed to be a stopping point in the case of a "foul" stoppage.. similiar to Mirko Filipović vs Alistair Overeem (though the groin shots were considered accidental).
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