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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
nah .. they are canadian ...people from newfoundland are different, people in the west, heck they want to separate ... sure quebec has their separatist views, ...and even here in toronto, we think we are special, we are the centre of the universe (we are by the way .. lol)
Yeah...ever heard of "Cornwall" ? its a Shire in England on the South Coast that once dared to declair itself independant from England they want to be their own little country or something...but they are like minute in size

I guess you could call them separatist

Canadians are a bit like Brits with American Accents. They think like us, rather then Americans, their culture is far more European then it is American...but the French Canadians I dont know much about...They probably think like Continental Europe...which is not quite the same as a British view....perhaps they are like the Reverse European scenario. Britian, the tiny Island that never wants to completely embrace Europe...perhaps Quebec is like trying not to completely embrace Canada...with Europe, the majority of the landmass is plugged into the European way of thinking, but with Canada the majority is plugged into the British way of ideally...we'd like for England and Quebec to swap places, then Quebec could be reunited with France and the European View would be cemented. Likewise, The English could all pick up the American Accent, but keep with the British way of thinking...course we wouldnt be completed even there.

There is one other place on Earth besides Canada and England that is plugged into the British way of thinking.


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