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Another of my favorite country bands is the Kentucky Headhunters.

I actually got to hang out with these guys for a whole day once when i was in high school . Me and Fred " the drummer" sat ont he tour bus and watched the movie tombstone while i cut out little drummer boys out of old wrapping paper he found at a pawn shop and he glued them to his drums. Then we all got to hang out , me and my brother helped out with the concert and then Fred asked me and Mike to take his drums apart for him . They were all a great bunch of guys , this was around 1995 .

Ha Look in this vid of freds drum solo . On the small drum in the middle . I believe i cut those out , i mean its been alot of years ago , but if i had to bet , those are the same drummer boys that i cut out . Thats awsome

Oh Lonesome me

Walk Softly on this heart of mine

Dumas Walker

these are just the most popular ones , they ahd a ton of great songs that you cant find videos to.

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