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thats shyte. I'm sorry but he hadnt lost three in a row, and since TUF he'd competed thrice and won once.

He should have been allowed his third strike.

hy get rid of Nate Mohr?? I know he lost his last one but prior to that he hadnt competed in a whole year due to injury.

They are looking for ANY excuse to cut not even the UFC safe from the Credit Crunch...dont tell me these are legitamate because they arent...Christian Wellisch aswell??

Luigi has been cut?? are you sure

It frustrates me that if they arent careful it will be one loss equalls termination of contract. Thats the road they are heading towards. 1 poor performance equals termination also. They still have too big a stable, thats there main problem, and now I reckon they are trying cut backs...I cant think of another good reason. Legitamately All these three guys shouldnt have been cut. One loss doesnt equate to termination particularly after a year out. Two losses in a row dont equate to a termination.

Wellisch...well if you ask me they are still punishing AKA fighters...big suprise. Wellisch is from Jon Fitch camp and he they dont want him. Lets hope Dana White never needs a lawyer to defend him in a criminal Court..lets hope his prosection never hires Christian niether at least he has a different job as I understand it.

Nate Mohr is one of my suckerpunch guys, so I'm pretty pissed about that actually ...Arroyo I dont care about...I just think the judgement is to harsh.

Clementi and Sanchez I'm not suprised about...Downey..well they might start saying debutees have to win in order to get a contract...and Andy went a while ago...they just didnt want him for some reason.
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