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Originally Posted by timmyja
Yeah, I'm a younger person myself, but the Tapout gear fans in the xtramedium shirts really do get on your nerves. I was shooting pool at a bar about two weeks ago, and some nerd kept telling me "I'm an ultimate fighter." Usually I try to walk away, but he egged it on so I dropped him with a headbutt and asked if he'd ever learned a counter to that before. Those types of guys are a disgrace to the sport.
LOL. Here's my typical "Tapout dude" scenario

(Tapout Dude sees Club Girl at bar approaches)
Tapout Dude: You got a ticket?
Club Girl: Ticket to what?
Tapout Dude: THE GUN SHOW!!!! (flexes, jiggles pecs in schmedium skull shirt)
Club Girl: Can you buy me a red bull with vodka?
Tapout Dude: Can't...breathe...shirt...choking me.... (passes out on floor)

As you can see, this type of guy annoys the crap out of me. I love that MMA has gotten more popular, but this type of buffoonery annoys me to no end (and I won't even call them bad fans, since they probably are just buying the shirts because they have skulls on them, MMA is just window dressing)
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