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Originally Posted by Bonnie
"For all of life is like that race - with ups and downs and all"

I loved the poem and I love the author's name, "Hangtough".
its a psedonymn to protect the authors Identity.

Do you know some of the most famous Authors still use psedonymn. Sometimes Screen-names can pretty much be used in the same way

"Tyburn" for example. Supposing in 50 years time I want to publish something but want it descreet so only a few people may know that I am the writer. I might submit my work as "Tyburn" and the whole world would guess who the author was.

The guy who wrote this may have good reason to hide his identity. "True Freedom Trust" the Charity which published this is a Christian Charity set up to help those suffering for SSA. The majority of his friends may be completely unaware that he's a sufferer, and might reject him if they knew. So when writing something that will be published by TfT He changes his name.
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