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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Its an old thread that Mik The Hick started...must have been before the last forum jump...because I cant find it.

Sooo...ive started it again

Today I am feeling generally hopeful, because now that the snow has gone and I feel better, I am looking forward to putting some plans in action for this year. But I am also feeling increadibly sad and a more then a little bit angry at the recent news I heard about Saint Paul's Cathedral...

But I am trying to hold to the fact that I have moved on from that time down there. Really, I am in a completely different Season now....and this song which I would like to post, is really what this new season that ive been in for the last four years is about. It reminds me of all of you guys who post on here, and it reminds me of my trips to the US...because thats where I am now...I am no longer constrained by the damage and the hurt of that old season....I just need to remind myself of that...because today has been a very painful ride...for a while there I was lost in a lot of pain and a lot of grief, I was remembering things I thought were long forgotten, and things that I thought held no power over me anymore....but because I got a real shock everything came rushing back in...a lot of hatred, and a lot of anger, and a lot of negative and demonic style whispering in my mind

Everything is but for a season.

Better them than me.

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