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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
kinda like when GSP was caught in his last fight?
No. That really was an accident. I mean more like, a random spot check that is not as random as its supposed to be. For example, if you were told someone was going to grease before getting into the cage, you might accidently replace the Ref with a SAC official who has been primed with the foreknowledge to be extra vigilent because the suspect is under descreet investigation. If nothing is found then it just looks like a random spot check by the Athletic Commission. IF it reveals something then its obvious to the relevent higher authority....and to the fighter it would look like a terribly unlucky and unfortunate saga...when really it was planned to test the fighter. If he had nothing to hide he would pass with no problem.

Another way would be far more draconian, but the company could declaire that it alone will provide the vaseline needed for a fight, and no outside or camp is to bring anything in. Then start random bag checks on entry, random locker room searches...anyone with Vaseline is gonna have no excuse then. Course I dont think it happens enough for that sort of measure to be needed. But there are ways and means the Institution can stop this kinda thing from happening.

If I was the company I would make sure everyone was tested for drugs before and after the event. I'd also be asking for random samples across the whole year. Perhaps a guy has just fought, and isnt due to for another 5 months. I'd get him tested in month three, out of the blue

but then I'm mean
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