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Hi, My name is Mark and I'm not quite a vet and not quite a newbie. I am a HUGE MMA fan, and a big Matt Hughes fan. This forum has only strenghtened my fandom for the Mr. Hughes. I've gotten to meet several forum members and let me tell you that you won't find a stronger, more supportive group. We fight like family and we lift eachother up like family.
I was born and raised on a grain farm in Indiana and now live in Queens New York with my wife of 5 years.
I used to live in Jennings County Indiana! I was actually born in Carrollton Kentucky USA! When I was real young my Folks moved for a little while down to Knott County Kentucky where my Dad is from. Then unfortunately they moved up to Southern Indiana where I went to school. I did not like Indiania to good! Almost four years after getting married me,the wife and the 2 kids moved to the Carol county/Trimble county Kentucky area. We moved for a couple years to Knott county then Pulaski county. Now unfortunately we are back up in Trimble county even though alot of times I wish we were still down in South East Kentucky! I miss the Appalachians! Anyhow as Y'All have probably figured out by now I also happen to be straight,male and white! Just thought I would throw that in for some reason!
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