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Post pics or I call shenanigans!!!
Silverback checking in, Boomman great ideal, who came up with it, HAHA, you can go to archives to find out how I got my name, I am the big 50, have 4 sons, live downtown St. Louis, Mo. operate heavy equipment, and enjoy life. Was lucky I quess, met Mark awhile back, felt sorry for him so I took him under my wing, really, I got tired of people picking on him all the time and calling him names like Sissyboy and Ginger, so he kind of looks out for me, wait a minute I said that wrong. This is in fact some of the best people you could ever meet on the forum, Mark and Matt bring the best out of everyone round here, It has to be their up bringing I quess, I have had the pleasure of being around them and their home and family, have said it before, just good people. So to all the new people that come along, welcome, enjoy, and dont get out of line, we have muscle around here, their names are Marshall and Griff, we will send them to your house, it is not a pretty sight. Dawn, have you moved back to Mo. yet, we still need to talk about credit limits, and keep buying the shoes.
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